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St Colman's High & Sixth Form College, Ballynahinch


The Comenius Multilateral Partnership is a European Union project which is funded by the British Council. The partnership allows schools to make links with schools and colleges in other European countries so they can work together on cross-curricular projects.

St. Colman’s High School is part of a Multilateral Partnership Project which links us with eight schools in SICILY, GERMANY, BELGIUM, SPAIN, POLAND and ENGLAND. The title of the project is ‘Putting Us On the Map’.

The aim of the project is to put the schools located in different countries within Europe ‘on the map’ by focusing on the fact that a school is located in its local community.

The pupils involved in the project will interview people from their local community (local businessmen, restaurateurs, politicians, priests, farmers etc.)

The films, transcripts and interviews will be published on the Comenius website set up by the Belgium partnership school. The schools will communicate with each other via web chats and the website.

Pupils will also be given the opportunity to participate in student exchanges. Ultimately the project will promote links with a schools local community and the European Union as a whole. It will engage pupils in European citizenship and develop ICT skills.

St. Colman’s is hosting PROJECT MEETING TWO 18th- 22nd May when it will host teachers and pupils for the eight partnership schools.

To find out more about this project please visit the website